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Pioneering academy in sustainability and climate action

From strategy to corporate action.

Our experience working with more than 250 organizations in Spain, LATAM and Africa, substantiated on contributing to generate corporate value propositions based on sustainability, has shown us that, in order to achieve this, although strategy is a necessary condition, it is not enough. People are the ones who deploy it and make it a reality. They are the ones who, leveraging on tools such as technology, for example, generate change. That is why, being faithful to our purpose and redoubling the business bet in their favor, R4S stands as co-founder and strategic partner of Skills4Impact; a fact that materializes our corporate vision and invites us to continue raising it on the horizon.

Skills4Impact offers pioneering apprenticeship-based training that enables individuals and organizations to upgrade skills and knowledge in sustainability and climate action to meet the biggest challenges of the present and future of the planet and business.

Distinguishing itself from traditional higher education and the on-demand mass programs, Skills4Impact offers innovative education courses and bootcamps, leveraged on technology and in a cohort-based format that deliver a transformative and results-oriented learning experience; led by industry experts and within a collaborative community.

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