Strategy development and B Corp plan

Clients: Uriach

We have accompanied Uriach, a company that offers natural products based on robust science and innovation (Natural Consumer Healthcare), on the road to improving its sustainable performance. To do so, we have used the tools offered by the B Corp standard -through the use of the B Impact Assessment-, which have allowed us to identify, prioritise and implement improvement actions in terms of sustainability.

We therefore began by defining the company’s level of maturity in ESG terms, on the basis of which we were able to define an Action Plan with short, medium and long-term actions and taking into account the costs and resources required to carry them out. All of this has served to define a strategy that takes into account both the challenges and the benefits of continuing to integrate sustainability into Uriach’s business.

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    • B Corp roadmap
  • Strategic Definition
    • Purpose
    • Strategic definition and reflection

2022 - 2023

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