Desenvolupament del Pla Estratègic en Sostenibilitat

Clients: Raventós Codorníu

Over the last few months we have supported Raventós Codorníu in the development of a Strategic Sustainability Plan, structured and aligned with the purpose of the wine company: “Giving value to the land”.

To develop this strategy, we carried out a market study with the aim of identifying trends and opportunities in sustainability within the wine market. Based on this analysis, we were able to start defining a sustainability strategy, and the consequent revision of Raventós Codorníu’s action plan, in order to adjust it based on the defined objectives. Finally, we have established a measurement framework to be able to follow the development.

All this has resulted in a strategy based on four pillars: giving value to the past to ensure the future, giving value to the grape and the people who grow it, giving value to the wealth and conservation of the planet, and giving value to the social fabric generated around the business activity.

Likewise, each of these axes crystallises in projects, actions, performance indicators and key reporting, and specific improvement objectives, on which we will continue to work over the next three years.

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