Socioeconomic study of people engaged in informal-sector sales in the Municipality of Sitges (Spain)

Ally: Ajuntament de Sitges


In Sitges, dozens of people without legal status are engaged in the informal sale of goods on Sant Sebastià beach and the major street known as Passeig de la Ribera. R4S was entrusted with finding out the details of the social situation of this group, made up of people engaged in informal-sector sales in the town of Sitges. The intention was to find suggestions for future municipal actions to bring such vulnerable sellers into the labour market and wider society.

Our solution

R4S conducted a diagnostic with the goal of identifying the needs of this group of people and suggesting to Sitges Town Council measures for bringing them into the labour market and wider society. The recommendations were intended to increase informal-sector sellers’ vocational training and establish circulation between the Office of the City Councillor for Well-being and the Family, and private companies in Sitges, in order to find them jobs more easily.


The socioeconomic diagnostic by R4S made it possible to adapt future measures for bringing informal-sector sellers into the labour market, taking account of factors such as their level of education and place of residence, and the monthly revenue generated by their activity.

  • Implementation and development of inclusive business models


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