Diagnosis and Action Plan Project

Client: Raventós Codorníu

We accompanied Raventós Codorníu in the completion of the B Impact Assessment to determine the company’s starting point in relation to the standard. To achieve this, we conducted working sessions with all the teams involved, aiming to gain a better understanding of the company’s current position. Our objective was not only to achieve the B Corp score but also to conduct a qualitative analysis of the different areas of the company and the integration of sustainability into the business model.

Furthermore, we proceeded with co-creating the improvement action plan with each department and all geographical locations of the company. The end result was a plan that is aligned with the company’s reality, including the simulation of the score that would be attained through its implementation.

Lastly, we analyzed the implications of advancing with the certification, both operationally and strategically. We forecasted timelines, budgets, and strategic actions that would be involved in implementing the action plan to improve the score, as well as the process to achieve certification.

  • Strategic Definition
    • Project management


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