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Implementation and development of inclusive business models

We support the creation of inclusive businesses through the design, creation, implementation and monitoring of economic development projects, always prioritising the achievement of a positive social and environmental impact for stakeholders, with a particular focus on the local community.

Inclusive businesses are economic initiatives that, while maintaining their profit-making nature, contribute to improving the socio-economic conditions of low-income people or groups through their inclusion in the value chain. They are, therefore, proposals that generate economic and social value. To develop this type of business model, we focus our work on three phases:

Initial diagnosis

We carry out an initial diagnosis of the environment in which the project will be developed, with the aim of identifying the needs of the local community, the business opportunities that may arise and how to develop them.

Business proposals

We structure several business proposals that focus on the socio-labour inclusion of the group of people on whom the project is focused and seek to maximise the positive environmental impact for these communities.

Implementation and evaluation

Once the proposals have been selected, we provide support for their implementation and subsequent evaluation to define improvement targets and monitor the obtained results.

Through this process, and in line with our approach, we achieve a triple bottom line by meeting an economic need, addressing a social inclusion challenge, and promoting environmental sustainability.

In addition, in order to develop inclusive business models, we partner with entities or companies that are willing to work in the field of social entrepreneurship and the creation of actions to support disadvantaged groups to enable their socio-economic development.

If your organisation is interested in developing an inclusive business model, please contact our agency.

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Diagnostic for the establishment of a system for collecting and recycling drink bottles in Conakry (Guinea)

Diagnostic for the establishment of a system for collecting and recycling drink bottles in Conakry (Guinea)

Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC), RedSalmons

Business plan for Atitlán Recicla cooperative

Business plan for Atitlán Recicla cooperative

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