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Strategic Definition

We support companies in the definition and deployment of a corporate strategy that incorporates sustainability in a cross-cutting manner. We ensure that the strategic reflection process considers compliance with current and future regulations, market trends, economies of scale between standards, and the companies’ current maturity and organisational conditions.

Strategic definition and reflection

We analyse the initiatives, projects, and processes of organisations in a cross-cutting way, to determine its starting point and maturity levels, in reference to international and market standard, to identify strategic positioning opportunities and priorities, and thus design a transformation roadmap towards holistic sustainability integration.


We assist organisations in the process of reflection, articulation, and activation of the corporate purpose, integrating it into the organisational model through the evolution of the companies’ vision and concretion in strategic commitments; as well as its integration in the corporate culture and decision making.

Materiality and double materiality analysis

We identify the material economic, social and environmental topics in relation to key stakeholders’ expectations, as well as its impact on society and companies’ financial model. We go beyond compliance with current and future regulations related to this analysis, by ensuring that the results are used to guide organisations’ strategic processes and definitions.

Project management

We support the implementation of cross-cutting action plans, by managing and standardising processes and executing projects through a Project Management Office.

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Sustainability strategy definition


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Execution of a double materiality assessment


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